Love is Both a Path and a Guide ~~ Original Poems and Photographs by Rodney Standage, Gilbert Arizona

~~ Read Critically ~ Write Consciously ~ Speak Clearly ~ Tell Your Truth -Clint Smith

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Wyatt and Austin, Show Low Arizona, September 2014

This little ditty’s called
The Chicken and the Grub
It’s on the same side
With The Spider and the Fly

But, I didn’t write
The Spider and the Fly -

It moves quite fast
Though the grub not so
Now - Right to the point
Or the beak sort a speak
Oh - and yester eve -
The chicken didn’t eat!

Garden soil’s fresh,
It was early morn,
You can guess rest -
I shan’t spoil your fun,
But know some fights -
Are best undone –


Thomas, Jason, Brian, Jon and Brian, Mesquite Wash Arizona, 2013
Zombie war
Must be the gore
They’re at the store
We all want more!

Walking dead
Good v. bad
If they get your dad
It’s very sad

Strike a blow
To stop the flow
All you need to know -
Aim high not low!

Can’t go to bed
Now blast their head
Whoa they’re still dead
What’s all the dread?

Hey, its serious stuff!
And pretty rough!
Their really tough!
Now don’t slip up!

If you feel ill
Check your will
Need a meal
Try your friend Phil

As all can see
Survival’s key
Get them not me!
Don’t call mommy!

We need more ways
To end their day
New ways to slay
It’s just like play

At work let’s talk -
At school take stock -
And get new locks
With two new Glocks

Gone on for years
It stokes our fears
Brings some to tears
They’re getting near!

Let’s buy a gun -
Now this is fun!
Stand in the sun!
No need to run!

Need food to store -
Dude! Close the door!
Inside’s a bore -
Let’s go explore!

Aw, their favorite haunt
It’s just a jaunt
From our own dump
It’s time to hunt!

Yeah, zombie prose
Is easy stuff
It goes and goes
A lot of fluff

We must stand tough
And end this stuff
Next? Z’s the end
Of the alphabet

Is there nothing left?
Ouch, I’ve been bit!
I can’t sit still!
Where is Phil!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The Great Wall, Badaling China, June 2013

Six months since China –
Memories come and fade
Not only captured images,
Nor words upon a page -

We walked the streets and alleys,
We climbed on mountains steep,
We saw historic wonders!
And their grandeur tried to keep -

Gazing at the people -
Not guessing what they do,
Their diversity apparent
Though cast in similar hue,

The people wake, work and play
They go about their day
Who controls what they believe?
Seems difficult to say -

We spoke of what was different -
And searched for things the same -
For all it was inspiring!
It’s why I go away!
The Great Wall, Badaling China, June 2013

I go to gain another view,
To taste another’s fare -
The contrast peaks my gratitude
For the piece of earth I share.

A deeper understanding -
More context for my strife,
Because I stood upon their streets
I live a richer life!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Victor and Brian, Flintstone Camp, Horton Springs Arizona, 2009
Teaching the troop,
Taking some notes,
Pencil in hand
Aw, pencil lead broke!

Quick as a flash -
Knife out with a flip -
Pencil in hand
Sharpened the tip!

I wasn’t quite done -
Became slowly aware -
Pencil in hand
I felt everyone stare!

Twenty looked at the knife -
Eyes fixed on the tip -
Pencil in hand
They’d seen some new trick!

Not seen this before?
Now, whittle it’s called -
Pencil in hand
I learned when quite small!

A pencil, a knife!
A blade and a stick!
Pencil in hand
Knife, sharpens it quick

Then I thought -
When would they learn?
Pencil in hand
No, pen, keypad and thumbs.

Their parents were young
When would they’ve seen?
Pencil in hand
Dull? Use a machine.

I asked them flat out
Have you seen this before?
Pencil in hand
No! Was the chorus.

Something so plain –
I was perplexed –
Pencil in hand?
What will be next?