Love is Both a Path and a Guide ~~ Original Poems and Photographs by Rodney Standage, Gilbert Arizona

~~ Read Critically ~ Write Consciously ~ Speak Clearly ~ Tell Your Truth -Clint Smith

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Braelyn "Gun Slinger" Shreeve Reunion Sharpcreek Ariziona June 2015
This form I use
To write my muse
Since long ago
My mind abuse
‘Til recently
Now on this path
I leave these crumbs
And Clues

Friday, June 12, 2015


While on our way to CTCA this morning, Denise looked up the results of the biopsy on a small lump she had right in the center of chest.  It was cancerous.  This hit us pretty hard, but Denise was hit a lot harder.  She cried all the rest of the way to the center.  I feel bad, but there is nothing I can do.  She has been complaining about pain in her ribs, but doesn’t know what that is about. The result of this morning's CT scan shows spots on her lungs.  Dr. Niu believes these are small cancers.  We get another test in six weeks.