Love is Both a Path and a Guide ~~ Original Poems and Photographs by Rodney Standage, Gilbert Arizona

~~ Read Critically ~ Write Consciously ~ Speak Clearly ~ Tell Your Truth -Clint Smith

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Coffee Pot Corral "Bunk House", Coffee Pot Wilderness, Arizona April 2016

Not long ago
So it seems
I looked at others
As you see me

The elder gray
A wizen face
Clear set ways
Elegant grace

Too soon I’ll fade
Seems the only way
Move off the path
So you’ll replace

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Others First

You’re not like me
Cherry Creek "East Ruins", Sierra Ancha Wilderness, Arizona October 2006
For if you were
You’d see God’s hand
In others first

I know He’s there
And thankfully
Why am I blind –
To my own need

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Within a box
Kept tightly locked
There is a key
Small Cactus grow from a slate outcrop, Coffee Pot Mt. Wilderness Arizona, April 2016
To my heart

It opens rooms
So full of care
I dare not often
Venture there

Kept out of sight
Though some will search
I keep it cloaked
With laugh and jokes

In timely need
Another’s pain
Exceeding mine
I won’t refrain

I reaching grasp
Flick open hasp
Then taking key
I open latch

To rooms well stocked
With curing salve
My teary balm
Will healing have

The cost is high
Bed waking lie
To ponder all
‘Til morning’s nigh