Love is Both a Path and a Guide ~~ Original Poems and Photographs by Rodney Standage, Gilbert Arizona

~~ Read Critically ~ Write Consciously ~ Speak Clearly ~ Tell Your Truth -Clint Smith

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Olivia at the Riparian Preserve, Lakeside Arizona, December 2017

I have a pest
She wears a dress
Along the halls
She silent crawls
In long blonde hair
And no one’s there
Into my room
She roams

She sifts my things
Like golden rings
A closet door
A chest of drawers
Her eyes and mind
Record the find
She snoops along
Where things belong
She now knows more
Of stuff I store
Than I

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Rodney on Spring Trail, Pinetop Arizona, December 2017
We hiked the day to finally reach
The frozen ground and snowy peak
The view from there we longing seek
In reverent tones to others speak

Granite Mountain held no trees
None to block the circle scene
Valleys close and peaks afar
To gaze and wonder what life’s for

Returning before a setting sun
Ice ax makes a ruddered plunge
Glissading down the snowy steep
Toward our home’s safe keep

Sunday, December 17, 2017


The world is changing
Betsy from Goldfield to Fountain Hills, Arizona, October 2017
But that’s a lie
It’s always done this
Days go by

My world is changing
Now there’s a truth
What was solid
Now seems loose

Oh just how far
Will it slip away?
Will it blend reshape
Both night and day

I have an anchor
But I may need two
The current’s swift
The danger’s true

I lost her love
Mine slips away
Rain clouds above
Tears here to stay

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Ben in a Snoqualmie Pass Snow Cave, Washington, January 1999

Each crystal unique –
Each mountain peak
I see the meme –
Newly seen
Not the clone
Few stand alone
That singular rhyme
That I find
Or nests of words
Set to whirl
You there – CREATE!
That I be sate

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Mesa Temple Christmas Lights, Mesa Arizona, December 2017

A thing to sell
A truth to bend
Stale stories tell
Then pull you in
To grab your eyes
Walk past deceit
A den of lies
Repose retreat

Away from home
I sat alone
Turned the TV on
Though not for long
I rarely watch
No I never watch
And so was shocked
At what I saw
How bad the lines
And actors pine
The scene a moan
Now commercials groan

Who watches this?
The thought recall
Wait, do not hiss –
I do not wish
To know at all.