Love is Both a Path and a Guide ~~ Original Poems and Photographs by Rodney Standage, Gilbert Arizona

~~ Read Critically ~ Write Consciously ~ Speak Clearly ~ Tell Your Truth -Clint Smith

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Her Things

Rodney and Denise, Mesa Arizona, March 1982

Her Memoirs
Peruse for hours
Not digital
Ceramic dolls

No video
Things she owned
Not written down
Trips out of town

Awards pinned there
Now stuck on here
Trinket in a nook
Shelves crammed with books

Drawers filled with care
I stand and stare
Each puzzle piece
A story speak

Essential few?
Oh what to do?
To capture such
How much

How well
To still retell
No crystal ball
Can’t store it all

Her life and times
No longer chimes
My hours now
Her memoirs

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