Love is Both a Path and a Guide ~~ Original Poems and Photographs by Rodney Standage, Gilbert Arizona

~~ Read Critically ~ Write Consciously ~ Speak Clearly ~ Tell Your Truth -Clint Smith

Sunday, July 9, 2017


To celebrate a thing unknown
July 4th Parade, Show Low Arizona, July 2017
To sit and cry a mournful groan

To celebrate a thing forgot
Inside we feel a creeping rot

Pretend to push away the hurt
But damage done, a broken heart

Deeply crave another’s love
Another’s care – “The remembered one”

Why did the other fail to do?
If they knew they’d suffer too.

Can we say with words not spoke?
Can we write no ink in stroke?

Help me with a gentle nudge
Remember things you begrudge

If somehow I forgot to do
Please help me celebrate with you.

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